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House of Cards

Ramblings of a Diseased Brain

6 September
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abney park, absinthe, alan moore, alchemy, aliester crowley, art, asylum street spankers, b movies, babalon, bauhaus, bela bartok, bill hicks, blues, books, butthole surfers, cacophony society, call of cthulhu, carnivale, cats, chaos magick, classical music, clive barker, comic books, concrete blonde, consortium of genius, cooking, corvus corax, crash worship, cyberpunk, dancing, david cronenberg, david lynch, dead boys, diamanda galas, dietetics, dining out, discordianism, doctor who, douglas adams, dr. seuss, dresden dolls, edward gorey, ensturzende neubauten, expressionist films, extropianism, flogging molly, food science, franz bardon, front 242, front line assembly, general semantics, ghosts, gnosticism, goth, grant morrison, gurdjieff, h. p. lovecraft, h. r. giger, hermeticism, history, holy grail, horror, house of leaves, industrial music, intentional family, jack parsons, jasper fforde, jazz, jeff noon, jhonen vasquez, joy division, ken wilber, killing joke, kmfdm, knives, krewe of chartreuse, left hand path, lewis carroll, lilith, liquidrone, localvore, magick, mardi gras, marshall mcluhan, maurice sendak, meditation, memetics, metric, morning 40 federation, movies, mystery religions, mythology, neil gaiman, neoplatonism, new orleans, nlp, oingo boingo, operation ivy, over the edge, philip k dick, philosophy, politics, pranking, promethea, psychology, punk, qi gong, qntal, ramones, raw shark texts, robert anton wilson, role playing games, runes, science fiction, seidr, sex, sex magick, sexuality, shamanism, shortbus, shriekback, siouxie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, steampunk, subgenius, surrealism, switchblade symphony, tantra, taoism, tarot, terry gilliam, the cruxshadows, the cult, the invisibles, the pixies, thelema, tibetan buddhism, tiger lillies, tom robbins, unknown armies, useless trivia, vampirism, venture brothers, voltaire, voodoo, warren ellis, wilhelm reich, world of darkness, wu shu, yoga