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October 15th, 2018

Welding different takes together

At least three versions of the man from The Picture In The House besides the original exist that I know of

Israel Bishop from Return To Dunwich- pretty much follows the story

Shadrach Annesley from Providence- a member of the Stellae Sapiente, and evidently more powerful

Abner Crumpler from Islands of Ignorance- bestial leader of a group of new cannibals

I don't like using the Bishop name as it's too overused, in my opinion. Nothing else about this version brings anything new to the table, but I think I may at least make my version a relative of the Bishops, giving a potential Innsmouth connection

Shadrach seems more powerful and together, though still very hungry. I like the name, and having him linked with Starry Wisdom gives me a way to connect him to the larger plot

Abner...I hate the name, but like that the author did something more with him, giving him a group of cannibals who also use his methods of empowerment. I just want the more intelligent and sophisticated Shadrach in this role.  I've also decided to add Jasmine Hancock from Simply Red in to this mix, having her found by Shadrach after her brother Gregory 's demise and "adopted" as a member of his family. The mad and delusional Jasmine would see Shadrach as a new Gregory and become his sister and mate as she was with her real brother. 

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