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October 4th, 2018


Most of my future planned stories spin off from Lies or the events preceding it.  How Lies turns out may create more plot threads.

Worldbreaker involves the Tannhauser Brudershaft exploring the weakening of reality brought about by the Eye's gaze to attempt to raise the supernatural axiom by spreading fear.

Road Trip is a cross-country story created as a sort of semi-sequel to my earlier North American Campaign that also involves Nyarlathotep's attempts to regain some of the power that he lost earlier. I also want to use it to further flesh out some areas of the USA I hadn't developed yet.

Black Ops involves government agencies, the Cult of Intelligence (aka Zodiac) and also acts as a sequel to The Alien Wars, concentrating on the remaining extraterrestrials as well as approaching alien menaces led by the Daemon Sultan's newly awakened Heralds.

Adding to the fun, the previous arc, Judgement, as attracted angels and demons to Earth for a showdown, which will play out in relation to a plot by the infernalists' new leader, Luther Black (who has his own agenda which is to the benefit of neither side)

and Judgement's devastation of the world's vampire population has led to the rise of a new generation of younger vampire leaders, christened "The Turks" and their own plots and counterplots.  A lack of older vampires has led to the remaining ones having to take far more subtle tactics in order to preserve their numbers as each remaining one has become a rare and valuable resource. 

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