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October 1st, 2018

The 80s

The 80s represents the era of the slasher and gore, and splatterpunk. The team from Freddy vs Jason vs Ash, and from Survivor's Club, offers some ideas for a unified theory, and Hack/Slash gives a concept for slashers, as does Rawlik's Peaslee Papers, at least for the big three slashers of the era.  I dislike Survivor's Club's concept of a drug causing people's fears to manifest, though, but I like the idea of the tropes emerging from retellings of singular stories. I just need to find a way to connect them in my own way.


First and foremost in the 80s we have the Slasher. Hack/Slash posits the Rev D Drug,and the ur-Slasher Samhain.  I like the idea of a cultish origin for slashers, and this links in with Halloween's Thorn cult, which one can see as a survival of said cult.  Mr. Empty from Survivor's Club could exist as a spirit linked with the slasher gods (yes, I have slasher gods- powerful spirits who act as patrons of the original slasher cult- the sacrificial priest Argotac, the hunter Athothero, the predator Tsegyi, Rallaster the Razor God, The Eye Biting Man- formed in dreams from our concept of the slasher, now contacting potential slashers and guiding them, and the ascended Slasher Coyote.)  The Rev-D drug has its origins as an attempt to make super soldiers (a recurring theme in the setting) using Herbert West's  reanimation formula and the slasher cult's drugs.  Rawlik's origin for Freddy, Jason, and Myers works in that I can posit them as having familial ties to the cult's priests.  I like the idea of Jason's mask being the Terror Mask from Splatterhouse- possibly a cult artifact?  

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