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May 20th, 2018

Extra plot elements

I currently have a few plot elements that don't fit in with my plans. Whenever I run across these, rather than try to force them in to a framework where they may not fit properly, therefore making it difficult to use them to their full potential, I record them on a page in my notebook dedicated entirely to extra plot elements, so that I'll have them handy in the event that something comes up that they will fit perfectly in. It may prove frustrating, having something cool that I can't make good use of presently, but it always proves worth the wait when the proper place finally appears.

plot origins

The current arc involves bringing as much of past arcs in to the present as possible, just as the previous arc ended many long-running subplots, this one serves to tie up a lot and bring the past in to the present. Among the villains are Walter Corbitt, the very first villain of the ongoing story. When he was defeated, Jennifer Renwick took the gem that served as the power source to keep his soul in his body and absorbed its power in to herself. My idea is that Corbitt has existed in weak noncorporeal form ever since, using the gem's energies to track her, watching and waiting, influencing where he can, and striving to undo everything she's done up until now. And now he's ready to make his move.

The other is Damon Newcomb, who once tried to draw the Eye of Azathoth to focus on the world. He disappeared and was presumed dead in the events that followed, but he's been laying low, gathering resources and allies, and now plans to make another attempt, but on a global scale this time.

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