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So, Sunday before last, the lovely-and-talented lylythe_strega and I went on a hike in Newport with our Dear Waif on a trail where strange-and-eerie things are said to have happened (bicyclists have reported feelings of being chased and/or followed at night and such).

Because, y'know, we like that sort of thing. The hiking and the strange-and-eerie.

and the hike was quite delightful. Sadly, tho I had the camera, I, being a bit of a bozo, had forgotten to put the batteries back in it. Luckily, Ms. Waif had her phone with her so we got a couple of pics.

Along the way, we spotted a cave off the path and decided to investigate it, and The Lovelies climbed in for a photo-op:

the we noticed a couple of...odd...things. Like a stack of bricks in the back, and a knife on the floor, leading us to conclude that the cup by the entrance probably wasn't trash after all.

and, having seen this movie before, we decided to break with tradition and be the hikers who got back on the path and away from the weird place, rather than being the ones who stick around to investigate further and get killed and eaten by the crazy hermit.

After a bit more tromping through the woods, we finally made it to The Pinnacle, at the end of the trail, which was utterly gorgeous. Previous hikers had made a couple of fire pits and small amphitheatre-like spaces on the edge of the drop-off:

so, we sat for a bit and rested and admired the gorgeous view:

and made vows to definitely return here again.

on the way back, we stopped for wonderful food and drinks at Lil' Red Baron, the excellent Tex Mex restaurant conveniently located on the way, then back to the Casa and up to the paddock for some amazing stargazing. :)


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Nov. 22nd, 2009 10:17 pm (UTC)
What a lovely day, thank you for sharing it with us. :)
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