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The Solar System

Earth's solar system does have sapient life on a number of its planets besides Earth

Mars/Mortax has the most — the tall, four-armed Aihais, the octopoid Uliri and their engineered minions, the Morthren. The dreaded yoh-vombis leeches have a very alien mindset that may or may not qualify as sapient

Pluto/Yuggoth serves as home, or at least local home base, for the fungoid/insectoid Migo

Saturn/Cykranosh remains /Tsathogghua's domain, though whether or not his Spawn are native to the planet hasn't been determined

Uranus/L'gy'hx has strange cuboid entities, now enslaved by the Shans, as its main inhabitants

Venus seems to have no native life-forms, but the Dagonites seem determined to establish a colony there for some reason

Jupiter/Ylidiomph used to have ant-like inhabitants, most of which have died off. Europa, however, has vast globular telepathic beings of great intelligence as its inhabitants.

Neptune/Yaksh hosts strange crustacean/tentacular entities about which little is known

Mercury seems devoid of life

Objects in Space

As part of the Alien Wars (2) concept, I've worked a bit on things traveling through space, some of which may make it near Earth

The Azathi (mentioned earlier)

The Red Eye of Azathoth comet, summoned as part of Lies

The Xibalba asteroid, formerly part of the Tenth Planet, Thyoph (also the source of the power-granting mineral Thyophite, the orphaned planetary deity Rorg, and the disembodied beings referred to as "Xandrians" {Thyoph's main sapient race's name for themselves}), now held by horrible corrupting spirits that may have played a partial role in Thyoph's destruction.

The comet that serves as home for the vampiric beings known as the Nioth Khorgai

The fiery comet Ktynga, home to Fthagghua, Herald of Cthugha, and his Fire Vampire minions.


Following Lies and, by extension, Kelder's assuming an active role in the world, Atlantis will move more to the forefront of the narrative. Kelder and Milo Rauchenberger's re-activation of Atlantean technologies and magicks will bring the Atlantean Archmages in to action, as well as the leaders of the Nephlim, and the Ascended, some of whom have involvement in the remnants of The Society, all of whom have their own agendas and their own minions in the form of the various Atlentean Clans. Kelder has his assassin clan, Icarus has involved himself with the organization Argent, Malcolm Rhand has involved himself in monster liberation, Gaarn Daluth plays a role in Luther Black's plan, etc.  

The Toy Shoppe

Tentative idea- not sure how to work it in, aside from the Nurnheim/Damon Newcomb connection

Punch is the male Archon of Nurnheim- co-ordinator of a group of surreal minions of Azathoth.  He's part of a line of puppets and toys whose origins lie with the Amkhat's practices, using matter from an interstellar being to impart malevolent intelligence to their creations (Heka Hoy).  Others in this lineage include Gepetto (the version from Fables) and Andre Toulon.  Working with the space thing's matter also primes the user to continue after death as a Doll Master ghost.


Vah, an ancient empire that once spanned  continents, inhabited by early humans (believed to have actually been a sort of prototype of modern humans) who seem like a cross between Aboriginal Australians and Chinese,  Vah was the very first culture to follow The Dark.  A land of absolute monarchy, cannibalism, sadism, and sinister rites, it's believed that the Tchaucha were an offshoot of the original people of Vah.  A revolt against the monarchy climaxed with the activation of a supremely powerful artifact sometimes called the Wishing Gem, which somehow retconned Vah out of existence.  A small pocket remains in a strange controlled environment preserve in Antarctica, believed created by the Qhrell.  

However, somehow an echo of the original Vah still exists outside of the circles and angles of time, hungering to be restored to the world. Occasional Vah irruptions have begun to occur, incongruous manifestations of Vah in the current timeline. Some believe that these irruptions will eventually reach a point where there will be enough of them to cause Vah to shift and become the "real" timeline again.


Tentative idea- not sure how I'll work it in yet.  Initially, a seeder working for the Dark, a man whose genes contain a very strong strain of Ominous DNA- essentially Dark-tainted DNA of an ancient extinct warrior servitor race, now charged with spreading that DNA as far and wide as possible, plotting to introduce this strain to the main super bloodlines and also direct those bloodlines to converge, bringing the all together to concentrate them in to one supremely powerful bloodline, new elite warriors to serve the Dark's agenda in the world.  

Haon Dor arc welding

In a very early story the Renwick Agency confronted the ancient prehuman sorcerer Haon Dor. They stopped him from returning to the world but before they did he sent a barrage of "Sendings" to earth. These Sendings were set to awaken or activate sinister forces of various sorts. Twelve of them made it through before the rest were stopped.

These twelve are responsible for:

The manifestation of the Ryleh Messenger, which awakened the ogdru hem

The arrival of ultra-villain Salisbury

The awakening of Kelder and the Generals of R'Lyeh

The arrival of Garrivan Llan

The corruption of a migo scientist in to the Crimson Angel and his opening of the Io Gate

The rise of vampire Founder Czurka

The drawing of the Xibalba meteor to Earth

Dark Day, the 24 hour eclipse that lead to Shub Niggurath's champions invading Earth

the Shallowing of the world's planar barriers

the activation of the Doors of Death gates

The rise of the ooze manifestation known as The Filth, leading to the formation of the Council of Ooze

one more as-yet-undetermined manifestation

Through this, Haon Dor goes from a one-time villain to an arc-welding force responsible for most of the events following his initial appearance.

The Azathi

Given their sheer scale, the size of a planet, finding ways to use Azathoth's spawn, the Azathi, in a story can prove challenging.  For the most part, I've had them have indirect effects

Ghroth, the only one who has put in a personal appearance, has remained in a time-trap since its introductory story, when Jennifer Renwick figured out how to move the area of effect of Eibon's global temporal stasis field to project it through the gateway that Eibon had used to track Ghroth's movements.  The migo have since created a number of biotech satellites to keep the entity in stasis and minimize the effects of its sendings

Eyelor got lobotomized millennia ago and now serves as the setting of a war between a lost Atlantean colony and an army of demons led by the Duke of Hell, Bael.  Xothian raiders making raids for Eyelor's body parts to use as biotech components further complicate this matter

Otgon has shifted to the spirit world and serves as a base of operations and source of minions for the Klaashaa

S’shlosuuma simply drifts through the universe, urging the stars to rightness and manifesting entities on the worlds that it passes by

and Atropos serves a similar function in the Underworld for the Dark's forces there.

Spaceship Zero

Adapting Spaceship Zero to the setting has proven easy

Hydronauts are, obviously, Deep Ones in space. A couple of existing resources imply that they branch out in to the stars in the future, so this works

Astro Automatons are Migo brains in robot bodies, also easy to incorporate.  Marvel's villain Dr. Sun could work as one of these.  

Star Behemoths on Mars- ancient race leaving ancient ruins-Qhrell or something similar?, done in by the Mind Bugs -possibly Shans?

Dagonites expanded

Dr. Spencer, working on the c-cell project of extracting Xothian DNA to make superhumans, has also worked on a viral agent to infect people with said DNA. Thankfully this has not produced viable results, but his new project is even more terrifying. He plans to try to clone Cthulhu himself. This may be used as a physical body for B'Moth or Chorazin.

How this intersects with Merrill Brears's being turned in to a godwalker of Cthylla to birth Cthulhu's second coming as Xchllataa is unknown

Dr. Caspian had worked on developing mecha for the Dagonites, and also has worked on the Sea Titans project, intended to give humans Deep One traits to create tough, amphibious supersoldiers. 

Collaboration between these two has also produced successful Xothian-spliced Deep Ones. It's also believed that they may have played a role in the creation of the Tharanoids, Dagonite Dhohnaoids.