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Lies- connection

I want to spin off the late Jackson Elias's work, his books about dark forces in Africa and South America, and possibly other locations, perhaps make him a part of the Arcanum's Planetary Guide team.  I also want to work in his connections to Erica Carlisle via her brother, and possibly also his connections to Harlem.  

This shows the beginning of how a character who died years ago can still have impact on an ongoing plot.


The multiverse scale events that I've developed may only reflect in the main story indirectly, but all events in the main story derive from larger events affecting the multiverse as a whole. The eight alternate material planes represent the chessboard on which the great powers contend with each other, with the transitional planes like the Astral, Umbral, and Interstices representing the neutral territories between the claimed inner and outer planes. Everything that happens on the main stage represents the material manifestation of larger events as Chaos, Entropy, Order, and Balance fight for supremacy.

(or more accurately, Balance works to keep the other three in perspective while they try to destroy each other)

Spinoff connection

I have a tentative idea to link all of the Arcanum spinoffs by creating a single Big Bad who can tie them all together. Enter Dexter Rayne, actually ancient Atlantean sorcerer Garrivan Llan in Rayne's body.  I'd wanted a use for Llan, and have decided that he will awaken and set about trying to gather various resources to build a power base — artifacts, locations, monsters, tomes, etc. Depending on how things develop if I have a villain group that needs revitalization I may have Llan take them over. 

Spinoffs- Black Ops

Rogue US government agency building alliance with similar groups throughout the world, directed by a mysterious benefactor, mostly dealing with extraterrestrial threats, enemy agents, and the occasional supernatural menace. X-Files territory, mostly, with a heavy espionage paranoia feel. This will also touch on the planned Alien Wars 2 concept and connect with the Evolution story backdrop as it will bump  up against government supersoldier projects, particularly those with weird science and extraterrestrial elements.

Spinoffs- Survivors

Inspired by such fare as Freddy vs Jason vs Ash and Survivor's Club. this one involves the formation of hero teams composed of survivors of supernatural manifestations, possibly using the support group networks from my Madness concept as the means of bringing the groups together. Also drawing on the source material, I want to use this as a means of linking each member's story together to further develop the mythology.

Spinoffs- Dreamhounds

In this one the heroes represent a group of dreamers and shamen who work to keep the material world safe from influences,manifestations, and breaches from the dreamworld, keep the dreamworld safe from the material world,and deal with internal threats to the dreamworld.  Recent events in the dreamworld have involved dark forces rising to try to weaken the barrier between the dreamworld and the material world, a group of rogue artist dreamers unknowlingly warping the dream world with the power of their imaginations, and a powerful dark force rising to attempt to devour the dreamworld- potentially driving the inhabitants of the material world mad.

Spinoffs- PhenomenX

PhenomenX is a media company that does tv, podcasts, movies and other forms of media production focused around investigation of the supernatural.  While for the most part their shows never produce anything conclusive, some investigations do, and a few of those have ended...very badly.  In addition to this, they have come in to possession of  large collection of recordings of various sorts of unsolved cases from past investigators. Nobody has managed to find out who sent them to PhenomenX. though.

Recent events have led the team to a series of encounters with beings who can manipulate and manifest people's fears,and to beings that seem to be fears and legends come in to tangible form.  This will tie in with Worldbreaker and will lead to situations that will make PhenomenX's career, or utterly destroy them. 

Spinoffs- Multiverse

This one takes a broader view- addressing the multiversal concerns that the events in the main setting are a local manifestation of. Characters will be members of a small fleet of planejammer ships that have the ability to fly between planes. Along the way they will see interplanar phenomena and invasions between planes, spend time in planar nexus cities (ala Sigil, Metropolis, the City of Brass, The City of the Seven Seraphs, and Phase World), and encounter beings who exist in the spaces between the planes.

Spinoffs- The Mordenheim Legacy

The involves the impact that Dr. Frankenstein (here Victor Mordenheim) and his creations have had on the world.  The inspiration for his experiments (the Case of Charles Dexter Ward necromancer enclave) links with this, as does the legacy of his most famous successor, Dr. Herbert West. The impact of Mordenheim's ideas spreading out in to the world via his former apprentices (a list derived largely from Frankensetein movies, books, and comics) plays as role, as does the evolution of Victor's own work and ideas through the ages (Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia play a role here, as does Victor's impact on the concept of cloning and his work in prolonging life through repeated organ and body part transplants). West's formula's having made it in to the hands of the government goes on to set the stage for zombie apocalypse scenarios ala Resident Evil. 

Another wrinkle comes from Victor having made more than one monster, and how the first two, Adam and Elias,have been at war with each other and with Victor since the beginning, Adam wanting to raise an army and eventually supplant humanity, and Elias working to defeat him and to keep Victor's excesses in check.

Spinoffs- Arcanum- Bookhounds

This spinoff centers around the Arcanum's seeking of sources of knowledge. Not necessarily limited to books it could involve other media like tablets, recordings, electronic documents or other things.  The cutthroat world of rare books dealing, ala the books Club Dumas and its movie version.The Ninth Gate, would play a role, as would people simply seeing out the books for the power and knowledge that they may hold.  Some books may have powers of their own, or even their own personalities and agendas.  Things like the dissemination of knowledge through mundane media or popular publishing will factor in too. 

One idea that I have is a book from the future trying to manifest in the current world, with dire implications should it do so, as it would be the most powerful source of dark knowledge to ever exist.

And how it will try to manipulate the heroes in to serving as one of its means of manifestation.