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Character writeup: Lucas Tyne

Lucas Tyne
Human merged with spirit
age- mid 40's. No image decided for human form (he's a fairly new character)
Badass, rebellious type, although he'd prefer to live a normal life, the spirit inside of him, bound to hunt and defeat evil beings, won't let him do that. Not well-liked by other heroes because he tends to cause a fair amount of collateral damage.
OK- I'll confess that he's essentially a Ghost Rider expy (more accurately, he's a Dullahan, which is what both the Ghost Rider and the Headless Horseman are based on) , tho he's more a combination of multiple characters. Head is detachable in skeletal form, so sometimes he wears it, some times he carries it.
can appear human, or as a skeletal figure wreathed in flames. Can also create flame constructs ala Green Lantern (or, I guess, more accurately, Effigy)- one of his faves is Wolverine-like claws.
packs a shotgun. Also, because he's a modern Dullahan, naturally, he rides a motorcycle rather than riding a horse or driving a carriage.


General classifications of creatures:

Planar (from other planes/having other planar origin)
Constructs (artificial entities like golems and robots)
Terrestrial- mundane life forms- common animals, humans, and such that exist in our world
Hybrids/mutations (variations on terrestrial beings)
Magickal Beast (animal life of types that can only exist on magick-rich worlds)
Mystifications - the very few creatures who have completely unknown origins


Undead have long fascinated me, and over the years I've amassed quite the collection of materials on them. Inspired by the turning-undead tabled in original D&D, I've divided them in to categories

Animated- skeletons, zombies, basically anything animated by a necromancer as a servant

Ghouls- corpse-eating creatures with their own society ala Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith

Ghosts- most all noncorporeal undead, and noncorporeals that inhabit and reanimate dead bodies ala revenants and wyghts fit here too

Vampires- do I need to explain this one?

Liches- any free-willed self-created undead spellcaster. I want to create a single origin for this - an original liche process that all variants derive from

Most all undead fit in to the above categories but then I have

"Special"- a short list of the few unclassifiable undead that exist in the setting. Bhutas serve as an example- huge masses of undead flesh that generate zombies from their mass, and absorb living things into themselves.

Character writeup: February Amethyst

Humanoid hermaphroditic magical construct/cyborg
Black hooded leather trenchcoat, matching gloves, boots and pants. Shirt colour may vary. Wears a fencing mask.
Centuries ago, an alchemist committed a terrible crime and was sentenced to not only be executed, but to have his soul destroyed so that he would never even have the chance of incarnating again. What no-one took in to account was that said alchemist had merged himself, body and soul, with his female assistant/lover in an attempt to physically embody the alchemical Rebis. And that an unforseen side-effect of this process had also caused the alchemist and his partner's dark sides to merge and become an independent entity within the resulting being's psyche. The soulkilling process instead caused all three components to split, rather than being destroyed. The male and female aspects have reincarnated in various bodies throughout the ages. Amethyst is the aforementioned dark side. A living, solid shadow-self.
While hir creator was dedicated to furthering humanity's evolutionary development, Amethyst is dedicated to causing as much misery as possible, preferably on a grand scale that will hold the species back as much as possible, targeting individuals, groups, items, and technologies that could contribute to the human race's progress.
A run-in with Jennifer Renwick several years ago resulted in Amethyst almost being destroyed, causing hir to resort to partial cybernetic reconstruction in order to survive. Since then, s/he has also recruited a trio of psychopathic murderers- Georgie, Hodder, and Hansen (spot the reference on those last two names) as bodyguards and muscle. S/he has also recently performed a ritual that has resulted in hir merging with am extremely powerful Hate Spirit named Lord Steel, in an effort to expand hir powers.


Because what setting doesn't need its very own Freddy Kreuger?

But I have three

Kyle Renshaw- manifesting in dreams as an all-consuming empty hooded cloak, Renshaw loves tormenting his victims before consuming their psyches, especially women.

Jeremy Roscoe- brother to my original dreamkiller, Gerald Roscoe, Jeremy inherited his brother's powers when Gerald got carried off by extradimensional beings. As such, Jeremy can assume many forms, including a giant worm, a giant, and a werewolf.

Thomas Roarke- a twisted serial killer ever before his powers manifested, Roarke combines dreamkiller powers with the abilities of a nightmare-forged version of a Tage symbiote, allowing him to assume an organic armoured form capable of extruding its own weaponry.

These three serve the lords of Nightmare, acting as their agents in the waking world, hunting down and destroying waking-world people who may oppose them, and serving as leaders of the lords' lesser minions.

Things in the air

I keep thinking that I'd like to develop aerial creatures more- flying polyps, the creatures from The Horror Of The Heights, the creature from the movie "Altitude", create a sub-setting of things in the clouds like I have for undersea and under the ground. The problem lies in characters not having a lot of reason to go there except in transit and in such things have the potential to become rather conspicuous compared to aquatic or subterranean monsters. I think I may resign myself to simply saying "Well, they're up there somewhere" and possibly not getting a chance to use them to their potential. It seems a shame to just relegate them to just a terrain hazard, though.

The Frankenstein Legacy

The result of extensive research, The Frankenstein Legacy consists of a spin-off sub-mythology linking such diverse components as Frankenstein and its derivatives, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, Reanimator, Hack/Slash, and several zombie apocalypse works such as Resident Evil, House of the Dead, Zombie Raid, and others. The concept that links them all involves the chemicals that Frankenstein used in his work, which I link to the resurrection process that the group from Case of Charles Dexter Ward used, making their way to Dr Gruber, hence to Herbert West, and then to the Slasher formula and to the zombie virus/toxin, also tracing this through Frankenstein's students and successors as depicted in various media.

Adapting the found footage genre

In my attempt to integrate all genres of horror, I'd figured out a way to approach the found footage boom. I've decided to use the group Phenomen-X from Delta Green, folding in a couple of other news groups aimed at investigating the weird. I've also worked in stories in different media about found footage and similar things itself- The Norliss Tapes, The Black Tapes, Freakylinks, etc. This works more as a "model"- ie a focused spinoff, rather than as part of the main story. In this case, the various found footage material represents footage obtained by Phenomen-X staff or sent to them by others. I already have a story planned that links with the main narrative, and a potential Big Bad or two.

Problem Child

As I've mentioned, part of my plan involved bringing all of the past storylines in to the present in some way, and most of them have worked out fine but a couple still have provided me with no elements to convey in any meaningful way.

One involved a man who sympathizes with the Confederate side of the US Civil War, gathering some friends to destroy objects keeping the ghosts of Union soldiers attached to the world and raising an army of Confederate ghosts, while contacting an entity who has the ability to rewind past events in order to try to negate key Union victories. While the entity remains, the ghosts got laid to rest, and the human antagonists died, the allies at the entity's hands, while the instigator got killed shortly after he went back in time. No way that I can think of to continue that particular story in a way that works for me, so it may just remain in the past entirely.


The alien insects known as the Shans have allied with Damon Newcomb as they believe that his plan to bring the Eye of Azathoth (their patron deity) to focus on Earth may help to weaken the forces that keep their spaceship there. They are limited in number, with no means of reproducing, but have worked on creating human hybrids to serve them, and have infiltrated the British intelligence organization known as Pisces. They have also recently found a previously thought lost member of their species in suspended animation trapped in amber, and plan to obtain it and release him. They have a plan to create a field to dampen the effects of the Sun on Earth, a force which not only weakens them but also helps to keep their ship trapped.They plan to smuggle the device used to create this field on to the heroes' means of transportation, a Cyberpunk airship, and therefore use their travelling to stop the plan to actually aid it. The Shan leaders, Uzz, Ajj, and Qat, have all met the heroes before and love the idea of using them to further their plans.