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The Hashish Man, aka the Black Imam, allies with the Klaashaa network that lies at the heart of the plot of Lies, is a key player in activity in the Middle East, with ties to the Fatima's Iblitic cults, the Mobed fire cult, and The Glove wing of the Karcists.  Through his connections with piracy, he has ties to Janosz Pregzt and his New Orleans Dagonite based smuggling network. Through his ties with the Tchaucha's Black Lotus powder smuggling network, Tong Shugoran he has access to the dreamworld, allowing him the ability to stalk and torment his enemies in their dreams. Through this he may also have possible ties to Mr Ho and his dream-self San Seith. His ties with slavers may link him with the Coq Rouge human trafficking network. The Jackal, one of his allies, has connections to gun running and to the ghouls of the Amhkat cultists in Egypt. Via another ally, The Marquis, he also has connections to the bookhound trade.  This gives him much potential as a mastermind that I want to put to good use.

Welding different takes together

At least three versions of the man from The Picture In The House besides the original exist that I know of

Israel Bishop from Return To Dunwich- pretty much follows the story

Shadrach Annesley from Providence- a member of the Stellae Sapiente, and evidently more powerful

Abner Crumpler from Islands of Ignorance- bestial leader of a group of new cannibals

I don't like using the Bishop name as it's too overused, in my opinion. Nothing else about this version brings anything new to the table, but I think I may at least make my version a relative of the Bishops, giving a potential Innsmouth connection

Shadrach seems more powerful and together, though still very hungry. I like the name, and having him linked with Starry Wisdom gives me a way to connect him to the larger plot

Abner...I hate the name, but like that the author did something more with him, giving him a group of cannibals who also use his methods of empowerment. I just want the more intelligent and sophisticated Shadrach in this role.  I've also decided to add Jasmine Hancock from Simply Red in to this mix, having her found by Shadrach after her brother Gregory 's demise and "adopted" as a member of his family. The mad and delusional Jasmine would see Shadrach as a new Gregory and become his sister and mate as she was with her real brother. 

Organizing Lies

So now I need to list all of the locations for Lies, and make notes of what pre-existing elements I have in those locations.  Put together the framework and link any and all locations to that initial framework, and link all of the events in a coherent fashion, as well as find ways to get our heroes to go from location to location and piece together what the opposition has planned. I also need to review my notes, organize them, and link all that I have in them to the plot.

Extra location for Lies

Vagnoptus Manor in Sweden, base of the Klaashaa, backbone of The Dark, the primary antagonist faction. Damon Newcomb works for them. Vagnoptus, created by the infamous Count Magnus, exists as a permanent shallowing between dimensions with a direct portal to the Court of Azathoth. I plan to draw on House of Leaves for inspiration for the manor's layout. The manor will likely not appear directly but will act as a focal point for the story's masterminds. I may drop the heroes a hint as to the place's existence, though.

The Alta Vendita group who founded the Klaashaa is the Haute Vienne Coven, center of Dark activity in Western Europe.

The Klaashaa's P’Dwahr M’Ankanon tome will get added to the group of "new" tomes that I plan to focus on.

Tomes Dark and Deadly

Tying in with Lies and also spinning off in to the Bookhounds story, several dark books of forbidden knowledge will come to play a role in the world

Ibn Schacbao's "Reflections", said to have partly inspired the Necronomicon. My own take draws on several sources of inspiration- the Darkhold (Schacbao's reflections on the Darkhold?), DCs Crime Bible, and the book from the movie Residue.  

The Tears of Azathoth/The Broken Winged Crane- a book that has not been written yet, and always remanifests itself when its creation is thwarted. The heroes will unknowingly "write" it by bringing the knowledge and forces necessary for its creation together as part of Damon Newcomb's plot.

I also want to bring the book from Joseph Citro's "Deus-X" in to this- as a book created by aligning multiple books of forbidden lore together.  Perhaps is serves as a partial basis for the Tears?


Meanwhile, for another of the spinoffs, Black Ops/Alien Wars 2, we have the remaining extraterrestrial population of the world, including any Shans that survive Lies, who will team up with the Crimson Angel's following, and the Heralds of Azathoth each gathering an invasion fleet, and the Azathi planet monsters each approaching Earth. This one has the least planning done, though tentatively I envision something like the DC comics arc Panic In The Sky, with action starting on Earth,leading to discovery of the invasion forces, and then a plan being formulated to stop the invaders before they get anywhere near Earth. 

out of the past

I've got a couple of Big Bads for historical periods- Radu Brauner for Gothic, Rowley Thorne for Pulp, Oscar Milo Rauchenberger for WW2, Bartovski for Atomic, Ruby Knowby for 80s, Itsu for deep past, and figures like Tezghul , Lord of the Graven Spear, and Knygathin Zhaum for ancient past. Rauchenberger will return in the climax of Lies, but perhaps I can find a way to bring the others in to the present, if not resurrecting them, then having them leave a legacy that emerges. 

 Theoretically, Dracula can serve as a big bad for Gothic, Universal, and Hammer eras, but I want something different.   I also need big bads for 70s, 90s, and 00s. Tentatively, Luther Black's initial activity could serve as one of these- possibly 70s?


Like Lies, Worldbreaker will involve multiple groups in multiple locations, all working together. This will help to define the Karcist network and introduce key figures in it.  Following on my incorporating The Black Tapes I'm incorporating the shadow creatures and sinister music in to the mix. Also a race of phobovores, the Riven, manifesting as the barriers between the worlds shallow.  This will also introduce the Phenomen-X paranormal investigation show, both a foil for the Karcists and their unwitting pawn as the use it to increase belief in the supernatural to further empower themselves.


Most of my future planned stories spin off from Lies or the events preceding it.  How Lies turns out may create more plot threads.

Worldbreaker involves the Tannhauser Brudershaft exploring the weakening of reality brought about by the Eye's gaze to attempt to raise the supernatural axiom by spreading fear.

Road Trip is a cross-country story created as a sort of semi-sequel to my earlier North American Campaign that also involves Nyarlathotep's attempts to regain some of the power that he lost earlier. I also want to use it to further flesh out some areas of the USA I hadn't developed yet.

Black Ops involves government agencies, the Cult of Intelligence (aka Zodiac) and also acts as a sequel to The Alien Wars, concentrating on the remaining extraterrestrials as well as approaching alien menaces led by the Daemon Sultan's newly awakened Heralds.

Adding to the fun, the previous arc, Judgement, as attracted angels and demons to Earth for a showdown, which will play out in relation to a plot by the infernalists' new leader, Luther Black (who has his own agenda which is to the benefit of neither side)

and Judgement's devastation of the world's vampire population has led to the rise of a new generation of younger vampire leaders, christened "The Turks" and their own plots and counterplots.  A lack of older vampires has led to the remaining ones having to take far more subtle tactics in order to preserve their numbers as each remaining one has become a rare and valuable resource. 

Found Footage

The found footage trend offers some potential.  What if one posited that all of those found footage recordings made up part of an archive?  I've looked at a number of works about archivists of such things- The Norliss Tapes, The Black Tapes, Freakylinks, The Magnus Archives.  What if they all represented the same thing?  I want to link this to the Phenomen-X paranormal investigation show, with the recordings coming from their archives. Black Tapes and The Magnus Archives both feature metaplots with a single force behind much of the action, and the entities from Magnus fit in with my own plans of a group of powerful phobovore beings rising and working to spread fear in the world.  I may even find a way to tie this in with my similar idea for adapting Tales From The Crypt and similar fare, and horror show host characters too.