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The new gods

Post-Lies arc, two new deities will begin to play a role in the setting (another appears for the first time in Lies but if things work out, the iscidi deity Mappo no Ryujin will most likely get sealed in a pocket dimension)

Ammutseba, Devourer of Stars will appear as a new deity brought to extend her influence in the world via the resurrected Walter Corbitt (the first foe that the Renwick Agency fought in their official series) and his Celestial Providence minions, based in the town of Ebon Eaves. Ammutseba has already sent three of her heralds to the world to prepare the way for her emergence.

Xch'll at-aa, a nascent deity, prophesied to become a major power, currently lurking in the womb of a woman who has slowly come under its influence. Xch will assume the role previously held by the Xothian deities if their cities get sealed off from this  dimension (a distinct possibility in Lies)


I've started working on developing more Precursor race stuff- looking in to existing precursors like the Q'hrell, who have left various races and artifacts behind in areas where they've abandoned projects (on Earth, the Mountains of Madness city and the shoggoths) and the Yithians, who have acted as behind the scenes architects of a number of phenomena and situations throughout history (like, for example, the power circle in Arkham that's acted as the ultimate source of everything going on in the area)

But I also want to work on extinct precursors, their remnants and the forces that destroyed them.

A well developed history not only adds more depth to a setting, but can also serve as a source of plot seeds.

What lurks below

Working out the subterranean civilizations

Upper levels- Nephilim (isolationist immortal humans with great powers) make up the dominant force here. Also Lerara — Hyperboreans who fled the surface world and have since become albinos who serve an ooze demigoddess. An offshoot of the Lerara, the Hadal, have mutated after exposure to strange corrupted energies and now have distorted features and, sometimes, horns.  The Lerara have created a race of short, stocky, orange-skinned humanoids as their minions.

The iscidi reptile-folk, covered in another recent post, have taken command of the middle levels.

Some humans ventured in to the lowest levels of the underground realms and found themselves captured by a twisted race called the Vhujunka, who bound spirits to them, giving them powers and distorting their bodies.  The Vhuj also created a race of thin, yellow-skinned humanoids to serve them as slaves. An offshoot of these escaped their service and have become feral, flesh-eating things lurking in the upper levels.

The very deepest levels have become the domain of Tsathogghua and his ooze minions, as well as other very bizarre mutant beings in his service. 

Meet your villains!

Lies starts out with the plans of master manipulator Damon Newcomb, who seeks to bring the Eye of Azathoth to the world to purge it of all that does not serve the will of the mark gods.

His ally, the Atlantean sorceror Kelder works to facilitate this with the raising of the continent of R'lyeh

Also aiding in this process is Sakkuth, the messenger entity, working to create the matrix of artifacts needed to bring about the manifestation and union of Hastur (aided by his agent, Ahvril, his Herald) and Shub Niggurath (aided by her agent, cult leader Clayton Ruel) via Yog Sothoth (via his agent and son, Didymus Whateley).  

Snakes, why did it have to be snakes?

In the history of the setting, the Iscidi, reptilefolk, have fallen on hard times. Most of their bastions have fallen, except for one location in Greenland where a number of them are left in suspended animation, projecting their minds to possess people to pursue their goals. A small number of awakened iscidi remain in the world, led by powerful immortal iscidi known as the Deepwalkers.   Currently several factions exist- one remaining loyal to their old ways and seeking to reestablish their old empires, currently working on a drug that can turn humans in to a lesser form of iscidi, another seeking to release a biological weapon that causes lethal mutations in mammalian life, and another that simply wants to retreat to hidden places in the world and live in isolation.  All three of these factions are currently headed on a collision course towards each other, which may determine the fate of the iscidi once and for all.

Plot integration pt 2

I have an idea on how to link all of the elements together. Make the global scale operation more complex.  Damon Newcomb's plot involves the sacrifice of a god, while Sakkuth's involves using the pyramidions to link the sites connected with Hastur and Shub Niggurath, with Kelder's raising R'Lyeh to release the Priest to facilitate their union, a symbolic joining of King (in Yellow) and Queen (Mother of Monsters).  

plot integration

My ideal plan would involve blending Lies with my ideas for Yog Sothoth, Hastur, and Shub Niggurath, three deities also linked with the artifact called the Ajar Alazwat (created to release all three and their spawn on the world) and the entity Sakkuth, who seeks the Ajar for this purpose.

All three of my plans for these deities involve locations- sites where Shub has merged with the terrain, sites where Brian Lochnar set up menhirs to create an area where Hastur can roam freely, and Pyramidion Wars sites where Yog's pyramidions landed (I also want to have his offspring as his agents seeking the pyramidions).  I've done some work to integrate Hastur's plot in to Lies, I may find a way to add Shub's sites in there, but I still don't know how I could plausibly integrate the Pyramidions — I may just set it up in Lies and have a couple of them appear, maybe not even emphasizing their importance, and then bring the rest in as part of the fallout from Lies.

The Big Six

There are six Mythos deities who get the most attention, and I've done some work to being each of them in to focus for the current phase of the setting

Azathoth has had its attention drawn to the world. Lies represents the beginning of this, and the fallout from this will continue after the arc, with the Spawn of Azathoth each exerting some form of influence and with Azathoth's Heralds directing various extraterrestrial threats towards Earth

Nyarlathotep- an entire arc involving his attempting to re-expand his power and create a new godwalker in the process

Yog Sothoth- through his minions the Thousand Faces Yog has set about creating new hybrid children to bring himself closer to the world

Shub Niggurath- currently expanding her own influence through her minions the Nightlords and also infecting different locations with her being, effectively turning portions of the landscape in to extensions of her

Cthulhu- through the Deep Ones and his offspring, and his own psychic influence through the groups the Sea of Minds and the Choir of B'moth, Cthulhu still furthers his plans in the world, though more subtly than before.

Hastur- the Yellow Sine (sic) spreads entropy and madness though the world and extends its influence through the arts. If anything, Hastur has grown stronger and closer to manifesting the world depicted in The Repairer of Reputations

The planes

After the Chaos War, which devastated most of the multiverse, about fifty planes remain, the rest collapsed or swallowed by entropy. Currently even that is threatened as a new force has entered the picture, launching attacks on the eight remaining parallel prime material planes while also attempting to start planequakes to send planes on collision courses with each other.  Agents of Order and Chaos use planes like squares on a chess board, attempting to claim planes from each other.  Agents of all powers roam the spaces between planes following their masters' agendas. The multiverse has become a much stranger and more dangerous place of late.


The Yithians had conquered time, sending their minds in to the past and future to manipulate events in their favour, until the entropy released by the Chaos War threatened their hold and the mechanical forces of the Steriloids were released to destroy them. Now they find themselves scattered, attempting to reinforce the Temporal Iron Curtain that keeps most races from traveling to their own subjective past.  In the distant future lies the Scorpiods- dark demigods of time who ascended from individual time travellers (the far future version of Giles Fenton in a nascent Scorpiod).  The Scorpiod's minions, including their servant race the Temporal Raiders, have done much to put time travel ability in to others' hands just to disrupt the stability of the timestream.   For now, the Iron Curtain keeps the past relatively stable, while the future remains mutable.