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Thank you, Glenn Beck. 


Thank you for opening my eyes. 


Thank you for making me see the truth.


That the Libertarian Party is not only no longer a viable third party, but not a “third party” at all any more. Is there anything that separates this yahoo from the Neocons? No wonder the NH Libertarians held a funeral for their own party last year...



The International Ostomy Association has a World Ostomy Day photo contest. I find this concept shuddersome…

Health Care

This is the Health Care Bill. Feel free to agree or disagree with it, as you Will, but please to make your decisions on *facts*, and what it *really* says, rather than what others say about it, pro- or con-



day three of nasty back pain (L5 to L3 area).  Hate things that limit my ability to move around.  Bleah.  :(


Yikes, my job is weird...

Catheter site with user reviews...
(love the one where they say that they wish the catheter came in different colours)



slightly cranky movie review

 So, last night I watched "Duck, You Sucker", aka "A Fistful of Dynamite", a sort-of-"lost" Sergio Leone Western. And, well, perhaps there's a reason why it was lost. Now, James Coburn did a wonderful turn as an exiled IRA demolitions expert in Revolutionary Mexico, and Rod Steiger did an impressive job as a Mexican bandit (in a role originally meant for Eli Wallach). Performances were good all-around, effects and settings were delightful too. However, Leone's direction seemed uncharacteristically meandering. Granted, I was watching this as an American film for American audiences, which can make a difference as Italian filmmaking can considerably structure-wise. Also odd was Ennio Morricone's music, in which his trademark use of vocalizations and sound effects came off as heavy-handed, cartoony even. This I can't explain. Still- excellent performances, but flawed direction and use of music. Some very good elements, and some wonderful individual scenes, but it didn't work as well for me as a whole. Perhaps I was comparing it too much to the Man With No Name Trilogy and Once upon A Time In The West. I'd recommend it less as a lost classic as a historical curiosity.



Flood pics!

turns out that a beaver dam upstream gave way, and that the small lake that it was on only existed because of the dam.  With the dam gone, the lake poured in to the stream and came crashing through. 

various and sundry flood pics:

and video:


Awe-inspiring, if kinda scary, Nature

 Flash flood! Like, *on* the property! pictures have been taken- will be uploaded later.


Cheryl-n-baby update

For anyone who followed the story of our friend Cheryl's preemies, surviving twin Elena had a good day today and has been getting stronger. Thanks to anyone out there who has sent good wishes in their direction.




Why I hate mainstream media

You know, I seem to vaguely remember that there was something that might have been important in some way going on in some obscure little region of the Middle East, but there’s this shiny thing involving pop stars being dangled in front of my face and now I’ve completely forgotten what it was because this is so much more interesting ‘cause its all sparkly…